Our high-elevation garden was started in 2017 at 9,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies. With three years experience growing at this elevation, I certainly do not consider myself an expert. But, when we started our garden adventure here we searched for as much information we could find about high elevation gardening. We wanted to know what to expect, which vegetables & fruits would or would not grow here. We had difficulty finding the information we wanted. 

Even though I had some doubts about some veggies I’d grown previously at our lower location, I was stubborn enough to try some things here that weren’t recommended, using what seemed to be hardier varieties suitable for a short season.

For instance, we wanted to try some berries, and had difficulty finding out what would or would not grow. With little information behind us, we bought berries that were listed as hardy to Zone 3, thinking they should grow and produce fruit. They have not done well, as you will see in the article on “BERRIES.”

Three years later, we have some results to share regarding all that we’ve tried growing and what has succeeded or failed, either outdoors or in the greenhouse. These pages provide our observations. Hopefully this information will help gardeners new to high elevation gardening make decisions about how to plant their garden.

(This page is in process and will be updated as new articles are written.)