Kale grows abundantly here, both outdoors and in the greenhouse. I always grow one or two of these big, beautiful plants, and if we don’t eat it all, the ducks get plenty of snacks. Which is often.

Admittedly, kale is not one of my favorite things to eat, despite all the raves about how good it is for us. We do occasionally grill it for a side dish, add it to soups, or sometimes to scalloped potatoes.

Rainbow Lacinato (61 Days)  This is a big, beautiful plant with purple veins and dark green leaves. I’ve never gone wrong with this one.
Casper (60 Days)  I tried this for the first time in 2020. The leaves have a beautiful white interior, and it is said to have a sweeter taste. Eh, perhaps. It grew pretty tight and bunchy, and I prefer a more open kale which is easier to cut.
White Russian (60 Days)  Also a big, leafy kale, easy to harvest and cut.
Nero Toscana (62 Days) Known as a “dinosaur kale”, a bit more compact than the previous kales.