CARROTS are a great thing to grow here at our cool high elevation, especially in our deep raised beds with rock-free, rich garden soil. Need I say more? A few varieties have been grown here. At this time my favorites, which produce the best carrots for storage and eating fresh are Napoli F1 and Mokum F1. I’ve tried a few different colored carrots: of these the only good producer was Purplesnax.

Although many of my veggies are started indoors in soil blocks, carrots are not: they are direct-seeded in the ground around the end of May. The actual days-to-harvest are not listed here because although some carrots can be harvested and eaten earlier, I leave most carrots in the ground well after first frost and harvest them sometime in October before the ground freezes. I have not recorded the dates they were first harvested and eaten (usually while standing in the garden watering or weeding).  

2020: Once again I grew Napoli, Mokum & Purplesnax, because they did so well in 2019. This year, the pack rats got to all my carrots in late August, gnawing off the tops and leaving the tops laying in a mess. The carrot tops did grow back some, but all carrots harvested were much smaller than they’d been in 2019.

A few carrots have been grown experimentally in the greenhouse, but took a long time for them to grow and they did not get large. In my opinion, it was not worth the space given them to try the greenhouse again.

Napoli F1 || 55 Days
Mokum F1 || 48 Days
Purplesnax || 75 Days
Yaya || 58 Days
Kuroda Long || 65-70 Days
Red Samurai || 75 Days
Solar Yellow || 60 Days