CARROTS are a great thing to grow here at high elevation, especially in our deep raised beds with rock-free, rich garden soil. Need I say more? A few varieties have been grown here. At this time my favorites, which produce the best carrots for storage and eating fresh are Napoli F1 and Mokum F1. I’ve tried a few different colored carrots: of these the only good producer was Purplesnax.

The actual days-to-harvest are not listed here because although some carrots are typically harvested and eaten earlier, most carrots are left in the ground well after first frost and harvested sometime in October before the ground freezes. I have not recorded the dates they were first harvested eaten. Generally, carrots may grow larger, longer and faster in a warmer climate, but they certainly are a nice addition to our vegetable garden.

A few carrots have been grown experimentally in the greenhouse, but took a long time to grow and did not get large. In my opinion, it was not worth the space given them to do them in the greenhouse again.

Napoli F1 || 55 Days
Mokum F1 || 48 Days
Yaya || 58 Days
Kuroda Long || 65-70 Days
Purplesnax || 75 Days
Red Samurai || 75 Days
Solar Yellow || 60 Days