Just about all types of greens grow very well in our cool climate. They’re grown outdoors all summer, in the greenhouse fall, winter & spring, and in the cold frame in late winter to very early spring. We’re able to grow things like lettuces, endive, arugula, spinach, mustards, chards & kale. The only thing I’ve been unsuccessful with is radicchio, which I’ve attempted to grow several times with no luck. I’m not a big fan of mustards, but they tend to attract flea beetles away from the things I do like, so I grow it and feed it to the ducks after the flea beetles have dissipated.

I often have way too much lettuce to eat, which is either given to friends or to the ducks. This year (2020) I did a much better job of only planting a few at a time, in succession, at about 2-3 week intervals. The spinach lasts pretty much all summer; sometimes I’ll start a second batch around July 1 for fall eating. 

Since these are so easy to grow, I won’t elaborate on the details of growing, but here’s some of my favorite varieties (Swiss Chard and Kale each have their own pages):

Nevada (55 Days) Nice, Batavia type lettuce. Leafy green with crunchy interior.
Parris Island Cos (68 Days) This romaine lettuce consistently grows beautiful, tall heads of crispy romaine.
Merlox Red Oak Leaf (63 Days) A leafy red lettuce that adds nice color to a salad. Outdoors it turns deep purple, in the greenhouse it’s a faded red-green.
Gondar (45-60 Days) This is the only iceburg type lettuce I’ve had success with. Grows well both in the greenhouse and outdoors or cold frame, early spring to late fall.

Lakeside (25-30) Excellent results, both in the greenhouse & outdoors. It stays under/behind shade cloth all summer.

Tres Fine Maraichere Olesh (42 Days) I’ll usually grow one or two of these in the summer to add a little frill to my salads.