Swiss Chard likes the cool weather and grows well here, both outdoors and in the greenhouse. This photo was taken in the greenhouse.

Swiss Chard is easy to grow! Occasionally I have had some damage from leaf miners, which go for everything in that family: chard, beets & spinach. I generally start my chard seeds in soil blocks to transplant, and they do great.


"Red Rhubarb" Swiss Chard

Red Rhubarb (59 Days) Grows thick red stems with beautiful red veined leaves.
Oriole Orange (60 Days) These grew as more of a dark yellow color. The stems were more flimsy than the Red Rhubarb.
Cardinal (60 Days) Red, but not as nice as Red Rhubarb.
Perpetual Spinach Chard (50 Days) This chard can be used as a spinach substitute, but I prefer real spinach. It grows well for its leaves, with thin stems.