Our current flock was purchased as ducklings August 2019. They have turned out to be an enjoyable group. Friendly, not too noisy and generally calm. We have received at least 2 eggs almost daily, even throughout the fall of 2020, with almost 4 a day winter, spring & early summer.


Apple is our Silver Appleyard. She's the largest and by far the calmest, sweetest duck we've ever had. When she was a baby she had an odd white spot at the top of her left eye. It's better, but still a bit squinty. She also limped a bit at first, but that healed up quickly. She frequently gets so excited she flies a couple of feet.


Our Black Swedish, Sweedie, has silky black feathers with green, purple & blue tints in the sunshine. Her white breast is a beautiful marking. I'd give her an average calmness rating in comparison to all of our ducks.


Mocha is our Golden 300 Hybrid Layer. She is the smallest of all these ducks and has beautiful brown-mocha colored feathers. Looks kind of coffee-colored. She blends in with the flock and is generally quiet.


Ruby, the Rouen, is one of the friendliest, next to Apple. She has beautiful blackish-brown feathers with turquoise-blue on the wing. She was our "extra", which we got after one of the first ducklings we had gotten died. We couldn't have just one replacement shipped, so added Ruby as a companion duckling. We're glad we did!


Daisy, our White Layer, turned out to be a character. She was a beautiful white duck. 4/24/21 Unfortunately Daisy had acted quite sick for about 3 weeks, stopped eating, and died.