Here is our current flock of ducks as of November 2019.


Daisy, our White Layer, has turned out to be a character. She’s usually the first one out the door in the morning and the first thing she does (before food!) is stand tall and flap her wings. She is quite large, perhaps next in size to Apple.





For now I’m calling our Golden 300 Hybrid Layer “Mocha” until we can come up with something better. Sometimes she’s been called “Golden”, but our dog’s name is Goldie, so I keep trying to come up with something different. Any ideas? She is the most skittish of all and won’t come near as readily. She is the smallest of all these ducks and has beautiful brown-mocha colored feathers.



Apple is our Silver Appleyard. She’s the largest and by far the calmest, sweetest duck we’ve ever had. When she was a baby she had an odd white spot at the top of her left eye. It’s better, but still there. She seems to see out of it ok. She also limped a bit at first, but no more. She comes to me, lets me pet her, and is the most quiet.




Ruby, the Rouen, is one of the friendliest, next to Apple. She has beautiful blackish feathers with brown trim.







Our Black Swedish, Sweedie, has silky black feathers with green, purple & blue tints in the sunshine. Her white breast is a beautiful marking. I’d give her an average calmness rating in comparison to all of our ducks.





APRIL 2021

We still have these five ducks and enjoy them. Overall, they are the friendliest and calmest flock we’ve had. We have had at least 2 eggs per day all year–I believe they are taking turns. At this time we consistently get four eggs per day.