Many web sites focus on one particular topic such as gardening or personal finances or wood working projects. However, we all know that life is about more than one topic. We are all tying to figure out the best ways to do things in multiple areas of our lives and how we try to align these things with our worldviews.

So, we decided to include many topical areas of our lives to share with others. After 6+ decades we’ve learned and grown a lot. And, we’re finally feeling like our life choices are starting to align and reflect our worldview more consistently.

Keep in mind that there are some topics which reflect our high altitude environment (e.g. gardening). Other topics are more general (e.g. wood working projects). 

If you are curious about a how we approach a specific topic please contact us and let us know. 

The process of moving to Guffey, planning our house, living in our 5th Wheel while building it, and finally finishing & settling in were all outlined in a blog, “Mountain Gaitway” which has been archived here.

Laurie blogs about her gardening activities at high elevation.

Click here to go to her blog.

Laurie blogs about her greenhouse activities at high elevation.

Click here to go to her blog.

Click here to read a detailed PDF about the greenhouse design and construction details.

Tim designed and built a hydronic system (solar hot water collection) to heat house hot water and also to heat the greenhouse.

Click here to read the PDF.

Tim designed and built a Murphy bed in order to more efficiently utilize floor space in our small house.

Click here to read the PDF

Using a CAD program to design your project is not only fun, it is an invaluable tool. 

Click here to read more.

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