Whenever I think of cucumbers, I remember years ago when I was a waitress. One day, when a couple at one of my tables was ordering, the gal asked, “Can I have the cumbercues left out of my sandwich?” She had a totally straight face. The man with her looked at me with his eyes popped out, I looked at him funny, and she didn’t notice. I brought her sandwich later, reminding her that there were no cumbercues. He and I both had a hard time not laughing.

That said, cucumbers are not a huge favorite in our household. Laurie likes a few slices in salads or a dish of marinated cucumbers with red onion. Pickle slices are occasionally made, but we just don’t eat a lot of those either. One cucumber plant generally provides more cucumbers than we want, and are given to neighbors and friends.

Cucumbers have not done well outdoors, either due to poor planting or inattention or it’s too cold. I tried them a couple of times outdoors, but they were crowded in too close to other things and perhaps not given the best chance. I may try one outdoors again this year and will update this with results.

Cucumbers have done very will in the greenhouse. Cucumbers have either placed them in a tomato cage to grow up and trail around the cage, they have been strung up to a beam to hang onto the string and a smaller variety, “Muncher” has been grown in a hanging basket. Generally, one cucumber plant at a time is plenty for us.

Suhyo Long Fruited || 61 Days || DTH: 69 days from transplant – Grows very well.
Muncher || 60 Days || DTH: 55+ Days (Has not done well in my experience.)