BOK CHOY grows quite nicely here. It likes the cooler weather, and can be grown outdoors in the summer and in the greenhouse during the winter.

The photos above show the Joi Choi F1 Bok Choy grown in the greenhouse, started 1/27/20 and harvested 3/21/20. I have a bad habit of planting too many at one time, not eating it all at once and then the remaining plants bolt before I get to them. As with everything else, the ducks get the extras. My goal for this year is to plant only two at a time, in succession. So far this year I’ve been successful with these two, carefully harvested and eaten at just the right time for each one. 


WHITE STEM || 45-55 Days || DTH: 35-45 Days
BABY PAK CHOI || 30-35 Days || DTH: 23-50 Days (Some harvested young & early and others allowed to get quite large.)
JOI CHOI F1 || 45 Days || DTH: 36 and 43 || Very nice bok choy with crispy-sweet stems!

*DTH =  Actual Days to Harvest, from date of transplant outdoors.