First rhubarb, planted 2014

Our rhubarb was growing at our previous location, and transplanted here December 2014. We had bought the property and brought our 5th Wheel RV here to vacation, plan & build our house. At that time I didn’t know exactly where our future garden would be, but wanted to get the rhubarb going, so it was planted in a sunny spot near our RV. 

It was nice to give it a chance to get established. I had thought that the deer would not want to eat it, and I was right….sort of….for a while. Eventually they did nibble a bit. We would see them sniff, nibble and walk away.

Rhubarb growing on the south side of the garden, outside the enclosure.

After the garden was built, we eventually transplanted the rhubarb along the front of the garden on either side of the gate, but outside its enclosure. Still, the deer did not bother it. Much. At first.

At the end of the season, in the fall of 2019, they did feast on it some. By that time I didn’t care much, since the good stalks had been harvested and the remaining were just giving the plants life.

As the 2020 season progressed, the rhubarb was coming along nicely until it was pretty well decimated in one night. I didn’t see them, but I assume it was deer, not bunnies, not ducks. The leaves were eaten (the poisonous part) but not the stalks, so at least we were able to enjoy some rhubarb desserts using the stalks. Rhubarb-Apple Crisp is nice!


Starkrimson® Rhubarb This is a beautiful red stalk rhubarb.