Cabbage was not one of my favorite vegetables prior to having this garden, but it is now becoming one of the things I plant most often. Because it grows so well here I have learned to prepare it and eat it in a variety of delicious ways, either raw or cooked. Of course, there’s the standby cole slaw, but since it is not one of Tim’s preferences I most often cook it. Some of our favorites are:  corned beef and cabbage, creamed cabbage (with bacon!), and Golabki (cabbage, hamburger, tomato & cheese casserole).

Cabbage grows well both outdoors and in the greenhouse. I can transplant cabbage outdoors early, keep it protected from late freezes & frost, and it grows nicely. Cabbage planted a bit later in spring doesn’t mature quite as quickly, but matures in time to pluck it up before too many freezes in the fall. The cabbage does mature more slowly than the days to maturity on the seed packet, but so do most things grown here.

Most recently I’ve been growing KATARINA F1, a fast-to-mature smaller cabbage (which is good for just the two of us) which grows a bit more compactly (good for the greenhouse and our raised bed space). I’ve not yet tried red cabbage, but may do so this spring.

Each year I typically grow some Chinese cabbage, which can be nice in a Chinese chicken salad, or just as extra filler in other salads. I have to be careful not to grow more than 1 or 2 of these per season, because I don’t like it all that much, and they grow huge heads! The Chinese cabbage also tends to attract aphids. I do like to have a bit of it though, and in 2020 I found seeds for a red Chinese cabbage, Red Dragon F1. It looked so unique & pretty, I couldn’t resist. I thought it would make some salads extra colorful. 

Red Dragon Chinese Cabbage

Red Dragon Chinese Cabbage

The Red Dragon Chinese Cabbage grew “ok” in the greenhouse. It developed tip-burn, which is apparently a common, known issue with this variety, and comes with special instruction to spray with calcium spray regularly. I did that, and the greenhouse Red Dragon just didn’t do well.

Outdoors I planted some in the spring, and it did very well. It must really like our cool climate. I anxiously watched it grow, and after it finally formed a head worth cultivating, I brought it in to eat. IT TASTED TERRIBLE! I ended up giving it to the ducks, who didn’t seem to care for it much, either. 

Katarina F1 (45 Days) | I harvested these outdoors in 73-95 days, and about 80 days in the greenhouse.
Golden Acre (62 Days) | Harvested in 100 days.
Copenhagen Market (65-80 Days) | Harvested in 95 days.

One Kilo Slow Bolt Napa Cabbage (50-55 Days) | Likes our climate & grows well.
Red Dragon F1 (60 Days) | Finicky, prone to tip-burn and tastes awful.