High elevation gardens present many challenges: variable weather, short seasons, new pests & old ones, personal health, as well as other factors such as COVID-19, which affected seed & garden supply shortages. Fortunately, I had ordered all my seeds prior to the shortages, and I generally have all the other supplies I need on hand.

I’m learning to remember that EVERY YEAR IS DIFFERENT. I take disappointing harvests with an attitude of knowing I’m fortunate to have whatever I’m able to harvest, and it’s a lot more than many other folks who don’t put out the effort. What disappoints in one year may produce an abundant harvest the next.

2020 was by far the most challenging weather, and our first year to battle with mice & pack rats.
2019 I was still recovering from a broken hip at the end of the 2018 season.
2018 I broke my hip in late August and was unable to finish out the garden harvest & winter preparation.
2017 was our first full garden year, with many new things to learn about growing at high elevation.

From now on, each year will be presented in review. The 2020 Garden Season presents the highlights of this year’s garden.

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