What do we do all winter long? Winter 2019-2020 has been colder, with fewer sunny days than the previous winters we have been here. It seems longer! Today is one of those gloomy, snowy days. The past few days have been warm enough to melt quite a bit of snow & create quite a bit of mud in the process. The driveway & paths around the house are quite muddy!

Today the ducks are all snuggled together, bills under their wings for added warmth. The ducks’ paddock has been like this much of the winter, iced up and snowy.  When it isn’t frozen, it’s muddy and messy. Most winters there are warm days I get out the pool for them, but not this winter!

The garden sits idle, snow drifted up to the top edge of the raised beds. I won’t be going out there any time soon, and I suspect it may be much later than usual before I can get out there to begin springtime chores. Indoors there has been plenty of time to order seeds and plan the garden.

Tim’s big project this winter has been handcrafting a new set of aspen furniture for us. So far he has made three end tables (one of them a unique triangle shape) and a TV stand. These are beautiful and add a homey Colorado look to our home.

When Tim isn’t in his workshop creating our aspen furniture, he’s often indoors on the computer, working on one project or another. Laurie has spent a lot of time this winter on this website, spiffing it up and learning a LOT about website design. On days like this, Goldie & KK are in the house with us, keeping warm and not wanting to miss out on what we’re doing. Laurie has also picked up crochet, and made the blanket KK sits on.

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