Most mornings lately have been sunny, warm and beautiful. Yesterday I went for an early walk, and loved seeing the morning sun shine through these fresh aspens near our property. The quiet is so restful, with only the sounds of birds singing. Very often there are times when nothing motorized can be heard! (Click on photos to view larger size.)

I went on to our “south hill” and enjoyed this view of our recently completed barn and home site. Plans for the house are in full swing, as Tim gets estimates from electricians, plumbers, etc. Excavation for the house and septic system should begin soon!

Here’s a closer shot of the barn, now with its siding completed. Tim also put up this nice, buck & rail fence with some posts we had brought with us from the Shoofly house. It adds a nice touch, and gives more of a “ranch” feel.





While Tim is busy with the construction work that requires brains and brawn, I am busy with other chores more suited to my abilities. I scoop the horses’ poop, lend an extra hand when Tim needs it, cook, clean the house & do laundry. A lot of my daily chores haven’t changed all that much.  I’ve discovered that our little combo washer/dryer washes the clothes ok, but takes a long time to dry them, and then they come out quite wrinkly, I think due to the small size. I’ve begun to hang things out on the line, and find that they dry quite quickly in this dry climate–at least in the mornings before it rains! The sheets come out particularly nice after hanging on the line. Not too long after I shot this photo it did start to rain and I had to bring these clothes in.

We picked up our ducklings at the post office last week (June 4) and they’re growing fast! They are currently living in a brooder box in our storage room, under a heat lamp. Meanwhile, Tim is building a duck house for them, and they should be able to move to that sometime next week. Here’s a shot of them the day after we brought them home. 

We truly enjoy being here. A few days ago Tim & I took the horses out for a ride around the neighborhood. We went six miles by the time we returned home, after doing one big loop. We saw some beautiful scenery along the way. Somewhere along the route I asked Tim, “do you ever miss Wellington or the Shoofly house?” His quick response was, “No, not at all.” My sentiments exactly!

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