Tim was busy this winter putting in our solar power system, which has been a great addition to our home. The system now fully powers our house, so from now on out we are not dependent on the grid.

After a few months of hard work the project is complete. Prior to starting the project, Tim estimated that we would need 15 kW of power per day. This system provides more than that, and plenty of power to extend through several cloudy days. We are quite pleased with the result. At some point Tim may add a section here on how he did it all. If there is ever time….

We like the solar idea so much we decided to add solar panels to the electric golf cart we use to get around the property to haul tools, garden tools, etc. 

Additionally, he is now just about finished adding a roof over a portion of our back deck and stairs leading to the ground from that side. You can see it to the left of the solar panels. We felt it would be good to have a secondary exit to the ground in case the front exit is somehow blocked.

Our other big project of the year so far is that we have both become ham radio operators. You can see one white vertical antenna extending up at the right side of the house, and we’ve just completed an antenna in the trees behind the solar panels to transmit globally. It’s pretty hard to get a photo of it. Our ham experience is detailed in another post.

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