The CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC is out there, and here in Colorado we’ve been “locked down” with a stay-at-home order since March 26th. Even before that, we hadn’t been out much, just being careful without being asked…er…ordered. Our life here hasn’t really changed all that much. Instead of trips to town once or twice a week, we now go out once every two weeks or so and we wear masks in the stores we visit. At this time our county has 6 confirmed cases of coronavirus with no deaths. I think that there are 8 people per square mile in our county. It’s nice to be in such a rural area with less concern about coming in contact with the virus. As always, we have plenty of projects to work on around the house, both inside and out, and a beautiful area to get out for walks.

Fortunately for us, we have had all we need. Our greenhouse is providing fresh lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli & broccolini, and cabbage. Our ducks have provided an amazing 5 eggs from our 5 ducks each and every day since 2/29! (This is the most consistent egg production we’ve ever had with ducks.) Our freezers contain plenty of meat, as well as veggies from our last summer’s garden. It just so happened that we bought a full case of toilet paper just before people began to hoard it, not knowing it would become so precious.

Here are a few recent photos from the ranch!

Well, we sure are fortunate to have our health and an abundance of supplies to get us through. The coronavirus has given us a lot to think about, not only regarding our health, but our freedom and the security our country provides. Hopefully things will open up soon, but citizens will continue to exercise caution and be sensible.

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