High Altitude Gardening

Our High Altitude Vegetable Garden, at almost 9,000 feet, is getting started in 2017. We plan to highlight this garden and share some of the methods we have used at a lower elevation along with methods we are using here. While the focus will be gardening at high altitudes, there will be a great deal of general gardening tips that will be applicable at any location.

To start off, please read a little of our Gardening History HERE.

Our new garden has been in planning stages for several months. We did a lot of research, watched the sun and wind, and chose what we feel is the right location for the garden. We needed protection from the intense sun, the wind, and the deer, rabbits & squirrels who make their home on our turf. The beginning of April, we finalized our garden plan, set up a potting bench and some grow lights, and got seeds ordered online. We began to start seedlings indoors.

We began the garden grunt work later in April. For our first year, we will be planting some perennials (asparagus, raspberries, goji berries), experimenting with a few things we aren’t sure will grow well (corn, tomatoes), starting an early cold frame (lettuces, kale, chard, various other greens), and experimenting with a variety of season extenders.